"Serving as a lighthouse to mastering self and becoming fully free."

    -T. Nicole




    My work is to awaken you to see and know the same.

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    The greatest reward is helping others see that the sun can shine all day!

    Looking back...

    Giving a voice to the past.

    Detail-oriented and a planner by nature, it was never in the cards to be divorced twice, be diagnosed with hypertension, or plagued with negative thoughts on replay. Though there were areas of my life that were going well, they were silenced by the feelings and emotions associated with the things that were not. One dark day led to another. Becoming a loner, self-critic and perfectionist became my drugs of choice.


    Like all drugs, there were side effects and unintended consequences. At some point, I knew I would have to face my truths and decide - life or death?

    Today, and every tomorrow..

    I choose Life!

    It was certainly not an overnight process to change, but after years of existing on the hamster wheel of life I made a decision to heal, and to stay healed. Tasting the freedom from worry, doubt, low self-esteem, abandonment and worthiness issues, and a host of other childhood and past traumas, was a new indulgence I'd never give up. Through a variety of techniques and personal development mantras, I found ME. I discovered how strong I was, how confident I was, how fabulous I was - and how much my love for myself was enough.


    In all, acknowledging my truths allowed me to face and conquer my fears. Today, my fears FEAR ME. My daily walk is now filled with bliss - magnetizing so many beautiful moments and loving souls to inspire and help heal. And that... is so, so, so exciting!!

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    Life has an interesting way of showing up. It comes packed with disappointments, regrets, fears, mistreatments and a host of unfavorable moments. These moments can be temporary, and for some long-lasting.


    The good news is that regardless of the impact or time-passed, there is an opportunity to overcome each of these and allow them to only exist in the rear-view mirror of your forward moving existence.


    As a Truth Healing Coach. I'm able to speak thru my testimony the story of my own healing journey - a journey that goes and grows. In the place of my current vibration, I'm able to serve as a lighthouse for others. My work is to inspire the “healer within” (ie. You) to start and continue the work towards becoming your best self.


    I understand that it's never a lack of wanting to be free of our past that holds one back. Instead, it's not having the tools and knowing where to start that does.


    Truth Healing Coach services are customized to each individual and approach healing in the pace and intensity most appropriate to the need. The path, whether slow or fast, leads to a complete transformation and renewing of oneself - ushered alongside the gallery of truth. This journey to self-mastery, then attracts the people, experiences and life you deserve.


    Scheduling a FREE 15-min INITIAL TRUTH session can be done in one click... and that click will surely be worth the while. Healing thru truth begins now!

  • T. Nicole, Author

    Inspired Legacy

    Cultivating Generational Greatness One Seed At A Time


    More than a book, Inspired Legacy is a movement. Author, T. Nicole, illustrates the optimal parent-child relationship thru all phases, from the lens of a farmer planting a crop for harvest. This book is it's own bible, offering relatable agricultural symmetry, basic spiritual concepts and interactive tools to increase awareness. intention and a motivation for action and intervention..


    In supplement to Inspired Legacy, T. Nicole also offers personal coaching (InspireU) to further the great work started and/or assist with other parent-child challenges.


    Click below to learn more about the InspireU Coaching sessions, Inspired Legacy, the Author and #theGREATrevolution movement.


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